IT Headquarters is an integral part of your team.  We are always present, making sure that your systems are running trouble-free.  Our Managed IT Services in Seattle  keep costs down, increase reliability and up time, and avoid loss of business by having a proactive plan instead of waiting for your systems to fail. 

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Rob Shiras

Introducing Rob Shiras, President of IT Headquarters

Rob started PC Mobile (now IT Headquarters)  in 2001 because so many people were already coming to him for computer and IT help.

Rob earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science in 1986, and has 20 years of experience as a software engineer. Rob has written programs for every version of Windows, and knows the inner workings of the operating systems.

“You don’t learn about computer technology, you experience it”, says Rob, “It’s a full time job to keep up with the changes in computer technology”. Rob likes to remain on the cutting edge of technology while making sure customers get value for their money.

” The Move To Managed Services Is So Important Your Business Can Not Afford To Wait.”

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A  consultation with one of our IT Professionals will bring your ultimate goals within reach.  Your vision will be more clear than ever when you see how recent evolution in Information Technology has made operations more streamlined than ever.  Our clear and concise descriptions of methodologies in business architecture, infrastructure and communications will open your eyes to possibilities that most business people only dream of.  We offer alternatives that are easy to understand, and we can show you how  our managed services can lower your costs and increase efficiency, productivity and profit margin.

This is not just about nuts and bolts.  Of course we will implement solutions that ensure security, data integrity and reliability.  We’ve been doing that since the days of Windows 95.  We bring people together, collaborating in ways that were not possible before, and leverage this with digitalmarketing.  We can boost your exposure in the marketplace to the point where your expertise is as much in demand as your products.


We have been providing IT Services in Seattle, Internet Services and Computer Hardware and Software Services since the days of Windows 95. Company President Rob Shiras started the company in 2001 as PC Mobile Help. As IT Services have become increasingly more complicated, Rob created a team with 10 plus years experience per manager that is adept at navigating the vast offerings and technologies available. PC Mobile Help is our residential division and  IT Headquarters is our business division.