It's a jungle out there...

As you know, computer based threats are becoming an everyday occurrence.  The old model of waiting until it breaks and then fix it is no longer viable.  Cyber criminals are more sophisticated. Most PC users have fallen victim.  Software has become more complex, leading to more "glitches".  =-Hardware is evermore pushing the limit, leading to more "melt-downs".

Many problems (whether they are security, software or hardware) lurk on your computer long before you are aware of them.  

This is where we come in: we provide Proactive Prevention of Problems.  

•           How?  We install software on your computer to watch the events that occur.  No data comes across, just events.  If you are curious what the events are, just go to your start menu, and search for Event Viewer.  This is a window into what is going on in the background on your PC.

•           What? Our agent senses conditions which could lead to disaster, such as: Temperature too high; disk starting to die (write delay); firewall not on; antivirus not active; scans not being run; updates not being run; important background processes failing or not starting, and the list goes on.  

•           When? Our monitoring takes place 24/7.  If your computers are running, our agents are busy creating tickets in our system if something is happening that could eventually turn into a problem.

•           Who?  We let you know that we need to fix something on your system.  

If you have managed care, the repair is covered under your agreement.  If you have monitored care, we let you know what 's happening and fix the problem at our nominal hourly rate.  

IT Headquarters will make sure you are well protected against disaster.  In any case, issues that we take care of before they turn into a disaster will be resolved much faster.

Get to the front of the line:
If you have managed care, you are entitled to high priority service.  That means that we work on your computer issues before we work on monitored care or walk-in service.  

Get faster, better support today:
Call us if you want to minimize your exposure to disaster.  We will explain your options and customize your service plan to your budget and your level of exposure.  

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