Here is a list of actions to take, in order:

Own Your Own:

Make sure you have control over all your assets and intellectual property.  We have seen too many times where a company finds out that their IT provider was the actual owner of their domain name, web site, e-mail services, and more.  We highly recommend that you have your IT person assign you the rights to all your intellectual property ASAP.

Domain Name Host:

If you own your own domain name, make sure you have the credentials to log in to the domain name host.  Here you can control where your e-mail and web sites reside.

Web site:

Make sure you have the credentials to log in to make changes to your web site.

E-mail host:

Make sure you have the credentials to log in to manage your e-mail and anti-spam settings.  Make sure your account is not part of an account set up by your previous IT provider.

Call us if you need help or recommendations regarding any of the above.  We can migrate your accounts to new providers that you will have control over.

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Consolidate a list of Assets and Account Credentials:

Get a list from your IT provider of all your IT assets, including servers, routers, switches, access points, workstations, laptops and more.  Get a network map showing how all of these connect. Get a list of user names and passwords, especially the system administrator, both for the local machine and the domain (if you have a domain).

Meet with IT Headquarters staff:

Have us over to talk to various members of your staff who are involved with IT or who have roles which depend on IT and IT infrastructure. We will want to know how they use the system and ask them if there are any processes that could be improved or streamlined.

Site Survey:

We will come out and look at the equipment and discuss with you what is the best way to transition to our services.  This discussion may include your plans for future changes or renewal of infrastructure.

All the above steps will help to make the transition happen smoothly, without any downtime. After all, our motto is "Providing Proactive Prevention of Problems"

— Rob Shiras, IT Headquarters.


Please CALL US to discuss your first steps of your transition to IT Headquarters.

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